As one of the most diverse segments in the packaging industry, the food market calls for innovative and practical packaging.  ISP Latinoamérica has emerged as a leader in the food segment, specifically in Fresh-Cut.  We offer sustainable solutions to the world’s top food suppliers and provide cutting-edge equipment to help them address their many challenges.  Explore our solutions for the food industry below:

Kronen: Cutter

Kronen: Line Integration

Kronen: Cutter

Kronen: Peeler

Kronen: Cutter

Kronen: Packer

Hartness: Single-File Accumulation System

Hartness: Wraparound Case

Logopak: Container

Sewtec: Top Load Case Packer

Sewtec: Food Handling

Sewtec: Conveyor

Sewtec: Food Handling

Sewtec: Robotic Case Packer

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