As a way to better compete for shelf space, personal care and household companies are using unconventional and light-weight packaging styles to differentiate their brands.  These unique containers are more difficult to handle and can reduce operational efficiency.  ISP Latinoamérica is a trusted distributor of high-quality solutions that can enhance versatility while maintaining high levels of efficiency.  Explore our solutions for the personal care and household industries below:

Hartness: Wraparound Case Packer

Hartness: Low-Level Palletizer

Sentry: Robotic Palletizer

Pearson: Case Erector/ Case Sealer

Pearson: Case Erector/ Case Sealer

Pearson: Case Erector

Logopak: Shipping Box Labelling

Sewtec: Placepacking

Sewtec: Case Erector

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